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Township Rental Rules and Guidelines

Please contact Barb Dunn for Hall Rentals - 517-627-4474

Eagle Township
Rules For Hall Rental

Ø  All rental dates and times must be reserved with the Township Clerk or his/her designee. Reservations will be accepted no earlier than thirteen months in advance. Payment in full is required at reservation.

Ø  NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in the hall or on the facility grounds.

Ø  There is NO smoking within the hall.

Ø  Decorations are to be placed on the tables only – no thumbtacks, scotch or masking tape, screws or nails are allowed on or in the paneling, center posts, fans or light fixtures.

Ø  No candles may be lit in the facility.

Ø  All garbage and trash must be removed at the end of the event – the Township does not provide facilities for disposal.

Ø  At completion of the event:

    o        All floors must be swept.

    o        The kitchen must be neat, clean and in order. 

    o        Place soiled kitchen linens in the basket provided – the caretaker will launder and return them to the hall.

    o        All windows must be closed and locked.

    o        Lights and fans must be turned off.

    o        Return thermostat to 55 degrees for furnace or 75 degrees for air conditioner.

    o        Report any damage or breakage to the caretaker or Clerk (the Township reserves the right to charge renter for   


Ø  Do not move the piano.

Ø  ALL tables and chairs must be returned to carriers.


Please note:  The Township Board reserves the right to deny rental privileges for violation of these rental rules.

Rental Fees


Eagle Township Residents:    $200 (Includes $50 Deposit)


Non-Residents:                        $300 (Includes $50 Deposit)


Click here to download a copy of the rules

Revised 3/5/2014